About Us

OUR story...

...started 20 years ago now...it's crazy how time flies! 

When we started - I had four kids at home. I was working for the City of Little Falls by day and I'd spend all night in the garage wrenching on cars for friends and family. We didn't mind the side jobs, but I was getting burnt out working before the sun rose and quitting long after the sun went down. My brother Gene offered to sell me his shop - what is now Auto Max - as he wanted to get out of it.

This is where all of my kids started. Mike, who is still here today, started by sweeping the floors. His first paycheck at age 13 was a whopping $8. Rest assured, we pay him a little more these days! Kyler, Brady, and Alec all spent their fair share of time here too!

Fast forward 20 years, we're still here fixing cars - new and old. Mike and I, along with my nephew, Tyler, are the ones out in the shop getting our hands dirty and fixing the cars in our community.